Goodbye and Welcome

Saying Goodbye is bittersweet.
But saying Welcome is a start of a new and exciting journey – “RidditZ”

eXdee Gaming started last year with only a Dota 2 team.
Bernhardt “SoDa” Van Heerden
Jeffrey “ImpacKt” Waller
Donal “225” Quinn
Nash “Mikasa” Dong
Rynhardt “RDK” de Kock



From that humble beginning we grew and made our way to become one of the TOP MGO’s in South Africa in record time.
Doing what few other MGO’s have been able to in such a short time. Developing and fostering new and old, but great talent.
Even bringing on the a new CS:GO lineup this year that is competing very well against the top teams in the Country.
Big shoutout to Spoof and his team, and his leadership that he is showing there.

Today I am both happy and sad to announce that we will be parting ways with the current Dota 2 lineup, as they move to Bravado Gaming.

I have been with this team in one way or another for the past 3 years, always supporting, subbing and always helping them move forward in their Dota 2 careers.
Sad in the sense that I will be parting ways with players I have grown to know on a personal level. Parting with players I have been with from the beginning.
But also happy, happy that they have finally reached their goal. Their goal of playing for THE top Gaming brand in South Africa….. “Bravado Gaming.”
Years of hard work and dedication have paid off for them. “You made it boys”
*DeWet “RidditZ” Lombard-Bovéy



That does not mean that this is the end of eXdee Gaming by a long shot. Our CS:GO team is looking stronger and stronger each day under the guidance of Spoof. And we have a new Dota 2 team coming up. Young, extremely talented players.
And a team that I know with dedication and hard work will be one of the top dota 2 teams in South Africa very very soon. So watch out “Bravado Dota” You will have steep competition soon. 😉

We have been working hand in hand with Andreas to make the transition as smooth as possible, and ensure that the players get everything they deserve.
I would like to thank Andreas and the entire Bravado team for helping make this transition a smooth one.

Andreas Hadjipaschali -owner of Bravado Gaming – had the following to say:

After chatting to DeWet and the team in the last couple of months, we came to a final conclusion that there was a mutual agreement between the players wanting to join Bravado and Bravado wanting to serve home to them.
I just want to say that I’m really excited to bring these individuals on board as they possess some awesome in-game and out-of-the-game qualities. Jeff, I told you it would happen one day (talking back 2-3 years ago).

With regards to the future, I have no doubt that they will work hard and strong to uphold the Bravado DOTA legacy of our previous squad.
I’m super excited to get started with them and I promise to do my absolute best to make sure they enjoy every bit of this journey with us.

I thank Ridditz for fully supporting this cause and I have no doubt that their upcoming line-up will make waves in the next few months to come.
I also want to thank the players of Constant gaming who have agreed to swop seeds with us as they were just about to play in the Community Shield.


And finally a message from Captain Jeffrey “ImpacKt” Waller

Thank you to everyone that has supported us during our time in eXdee Gaming.
Myself (ImpacKt), RDK, and SoDa founded eXdee Gaming to help grow e-sports all the while keeping
the players best interest at heart.
Soon after its creation we approached Dewet “Ridditz” Lombard-Bovéy who helped us with many things on a management

The move for us as players and as a team is an amazing opportunity that we had to grab it with both hands.
We leave the MGO in the very capable hands of RidditZ who will take over. I know eXdee will continue to grow
and succeed with him behind the wheel.
I hope you guys will continue to support us as we join Bravado Gaminig as well as support
eXdee Gaming and their new awesome squad.

The team will be released from their contracts and will be moving to Bravado Gaming during the next Telkom Masters transfer period.

However that being said. I would like to introduce our new Dota 2 team.
Formally known as Team Constant.
Anton “Fury” de Villiers
Daniel “Hunter” de Villiers


Claus “Jappa” von Thelemann


Damian “RockLee” Dangubic

Damian Dangubic

Tameer “TKC” Chicktay (Former VNR, special thanks to Veneration for allowing us to bring TKC on board)


DeWet “RidditZ” Lombard-Bovéy – Owner and Substitute


I truly believe that with this new, young team. That has already been making waves across the Dota 2 scene. (Already beating some of the Masters teams along the way). We will grow even stronger.
Welcome to eXdee Gaming guys.
We are happy, and proud to bring you on board. And will do everything we can to help you develop, grow, and get better as individuals, and as a team.
This year is going to be an amazing ride.