DGC 2016 Dota 2 Recap


Last week saw the culmination of the Dota 2 DGL year at the 2016 Telkom DGL Dota 2 Championships, which saw 16 teams fighting it out for nearly R300,000 in prizes courtesy of Telkom, Alienware and Razer.


After an exciting group stage on the opening day, the field quickly began to take shape with the top Premier sides quickly advancing themselves through the ranks. eXDee Dota 2 especially made a strong showing, proving to be too much for the upper bracket, and quickly advancing themselves into the final.


The lower bracket was an entirely different story, and saw some of the most gruelling matches of the entire tournament. The lower bracket game betweenVentus CPT and Reversal.FoJ turned out to be a particular exciting encounter, with the match going on for 80 minutes and ultimately ending in a Ventus CPT win.

With the lower bracket final between Ventus.CPT and Pulse.Reborn going early into Sunday and all the way into three games, it was Ventus.CPT who ultimately came out on top, as it proved to be too much for a fatigued Pulse.Reborn side, who walked away with third place.

The grand finals took place on the Sunday, and saw a confident eXDee side showing off some classy Dota in the opening game of the final. A fairly stumped Ventus picked up some interesting heroes for game two that seemed to be working out for them, but some smart item pickups, especially on Bernhardt “SoDa” Van Heerden’s Windranger soon saw the scales tip once more into eXDee’s favour, with the side quickly managing to close out a successful 3-0 victory against Ventus.CpT and an undefeated run through the entire 2016 Telkom DGC.


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eXDee Manager De Wet “Ridditz” Lombart-Bovey is very proud of his team’s performance, and spoke to Telkom Gaming a bit about the preparation and mentality needed to go all the way in a tournament such as the Dota 2 Telkom DGC:

“It all comes down to setting realistic goals for yourself and the team, and we felt quite confident with the Dota 2 team at this year’s DGC, as we have won or placed top 3 in nearly every online event leading up to the event.

To start off with, we sat down and set our goals. Aiming for a top eight during DGC was the first step. This way, when your team hits their goal, they ride that high; they know they achieved what they set for themselves, and then they can  push themselves further, to see how high they can go.

Preparation leading into any tournament is KEY when it comes to performing well, which means practicing against the top teams in the country. Then, after the practice, going back, watching your games, and working on your team dynamic. Your team has to have the same mindset, work together, and react together. If you can get this mindset right, you can start to take on any team in SA.

I am extremely proud of the Dota 2 team, for going completely undefeated throughout the entire DGC, and the CS:GO team for pushing themselves further than anyone thought possible. A huge thanks to Telkom, Alienware and Razer for the prizes. I know the team is super excited to start playing with the new gear!”


On top of the title of 2016 Dota 2 DGC Champions, eXDee also secured the following in cash and prizes:

 First Place

  • X5 Razer Diamondback
  • x5 Golithus Large Mouse Mat
  • x5 Razer Kraken Pro Green 2015
  • x5 Razer Blackwidow 2016
  • x5 Alienware Aurora Gaming Desktop
  • x5 Dell 24” Gaming Monitor
  • x5 Alienware TactX Headset
  • R15,500 from Telkom

Second Place

  • x5 Razer Diamondback
  • x5 Golithus Large Mouse Mat
  • R10,500 from Telkom

Third Place

  • 5x Razer Diamondback
  • R5, 500 from Telkom

Fourth Place

  • R3, 500 from Telkom

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Original Post: Telkom Gaming