CougarGaming Partners with EXDEE Gaming

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EXDEE Gaming is proud to announce that CougarGaming will be sponsoring and kitting out both our Dota2 and CS:GO team, with Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Mousepads, Inears, Bungees, and more. We will do an unboxing of everything just before Orena Champions Lan Final so keep an eye out

CougarGaming will also be helping with Financial assistance towards bootcamps, flights, accommodation, Apparel and more during 2018. With incentives and performance bonuses included for the players as well as the team.

EXDEE Gaming has been extremely picky when it comes to sponsorship, as we have been on the lookout for a sponsor that can grow with us, and someone that had the same vision as us long term. We have turned down quite a few sponsorship requests because of this. And we believe that we have found the perfect brand that can help us achieve our goals.

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With CougarGaming being new to the South African scene, we found a lot in common with them.

EXDEE  also being young in the field, and already being seen as one of the top MGO’s in such a short time.
– Our vision for the growth of SA eSports and how we can help not just each, but others as well.
– Developing young upcoming players and talent in the South African eSports scene

We found a company that has similar goals as us, similar outlook on eSports as us, and also a company that is looking for a long term partnership – not sponsorship, but partnership – that can grow and mature into a long lasting friendship.

A big thank you to the Dota 2, CS:GO and Management teams for always improving not just in their respective games, but personally as well.

Without your hard work, dedication, and commitment, this would not be possible.

Dota 2 Team:
Tameer “TKC” Chicktay – Mid
Russell “Cloud” Tiedt – Offlane
Daniel “Hunter” de Villiers – Carry
Anton “Fury” de Villiers – Support
Damian “OldManRockLee” Dangubic – Support

CS:GO Team:
Connor “KING” Laming
Jandre “makmuR” Van Vuuren
Josh “blazE” Saunders
Damond “Thabo-” Osborn
Richard “Beast” Eales
Travis “Azterix” Coppin – Coach/6th

DeWet “RidditZ” Lombard-Bovéy – Owner


Quote from CougarGamingSA

We are proud to announce our team sponsorship of EXDEE!

When we announced our re-launch on MyBroadband in June of this year, we made a commitment to eSports enthusiasts. We committed to working closely with eSports teams, tournaments and content creators to build an incredible future for eSports in South Africa. We are enthusiastic about taking the next step in fulfilling this commitment.

This is the start of an exciting long-term partnership with a very talented group of young, vibrant individuals who are engaged with the gaming community. We are looking forward to what we will achieve together, in the long and short-term.

A big thank you to all our fans in South Africa for the continued support. We look forward to creating, even more, opportunities to engage with you in the coming months.

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